a day of thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving!

i love that in this hectic world we live in we still take time to set apart one day to be thankful.  as this world gets older we as humans seem to get busier and busier...caught up in everything and yet nothing.  as a child of God i try to keep a grateful heart every.single.day.  but i realize that i can do more to be thankful every day and i want to try to embrace that thankfulness more.

i recently came across this pic and it truly spoke to me in that moment and every moment since.  too many days i feel like i'm a little zoned out...doing the daily routines and never taking the time to enjoy each moment of time.

when one is in pain each second seems to ring out loud and clear...and yet when one is in a joyous state it seems time flies oh too swift.  i'd like to take the time to live in each moment of my life.  the hard times make me stronger.  the good times keep my spirits lifted high.

so here's wishing a happy and blessed day to you and your family not only today but each and every day...take the time to look for the things to be thankful for.

~ jess