...{...two peas, big lots and hobby lobby haul...}...

Hey!  Just a quick post today to share my newest youtube video...  Hope you enjoy!

~ Love ya ~ Jessica B.


...{...happy birthday card...}...

Hope you are having a fabulous week.  And if you, like myself, are having a rough, busy week...at least we are to the half-way point!!!

This is a little birthday card I made a while back.  It was the first time I've really used Copic markers to color a large image.  In college I used Prismacolor markers and was pretty good with them, but like all things if you don't keep practicing, you lose some of the ability. 

When I made this card it was just to build up a stash for when I needed a card.  Thankfully I did that because back in February/March I broke my pinkie and had to have a cast on my arm.  My nanny's birthday is in March and I wanted to give her a hand-made card but knew I couldn't make one with the cast on.  Then I remembered that I made this card so I gave it to her and she loved it.

Love ya - Jessica B.


...{...wedding present...}...

My dear friend, Christy, got married back in April.  For her wedding present I took the pic from her announcement and used it on the altered canvas I created.  I also made a card using some of the same papers.

Love ya ~ Jessica B.


...{...weekend review...}...

I take a lot of pics with my phone throughout the week.  Mostly they get posted to facebook and occasionally I print them out to scrapbook.  The quality isn't the best, but I do enjoy the fast pace at which you can snap a pic and instantly share it with all your friends... So I thought it might be fun to start doing this weekend review where I post my pics on here from the week...

yay...got my first birchbox in the mail...check out previous blog post for more info

picked these up at tjmaxx for $7.99...peach-a-boo and lemonade stand by your man

addicted to wendy's chicken almond berry salad...yummy!!!

opi - mermaid's tears

this stuff is AMAZING!!!...favorite afternoon snack at work...

went with my friends to the local yogurt shop friday night...thought I'd try the fruit flavors...

outfit of the day - dress-ny&co - shoes-dollhouse - sweater-kohls

mac - woodwinked, free to be, pollinator, lala, of summer

LOVE these...use every night before bed...

Love ya ~ Jessica B.

...{...June Birchbox...}...

Hey everyone!  Hope you've been enjoying the lovely month of June.  I'm happy that we are enjoying warm days.  I used to hate the warm weather as it gets pretty toasty here in the summer.  But the older I get the more I despise winter with it's frigid temps.  Thankfully I live in the south where it doesn't get too cold.  But...it's still too cold for me.  I just get so lazy in the winter...only wanting to eat and sleep...and hating to crawl out of bed.  So I've told myself once the warm weather comes I will not complain.  And everyday the temps have been climbing into the high 90's and I begin to long for it to be a bit cooler, I simply remind myself of the cold temps a few months ago and instantly I'm loving this very warm weather. :-)

On to other things... Have you heard of Birchbox?  It's a monthly subscription for deluxe beauty samples for only $10 per month.  Now at first I thought that seemed a bit odd...pay to get samples.  Especially what if I hated all the samples they gave me.  But, they also throw in full size products a lot of the times.  After watching some youtube videos where people were showcasing the products they were sent I decided to give it a try.  Last week I received my first box in the mail...LOVE it!  It's going to be so fun every month waiting for the box to be delivered, not knowing what is in mine.  Now I did watch a few videos from youtubers showing off their June Birchbox...and I kinda regretted that.  I think next month I'll hold off until after I've opened mine that way it's a complete surprise.  Below is my video showcasing the products I received...enjoy!

Love ya ~ Jessica B.


...{...haul - gap.anthropologie.mac.sephora...}...

yay!  i'm excited to mark off #5 from my birthday bucket list... that's right folks, i'm getting some videos up on youtube.  this one is a little raw...done about 11pm...so i'm whispering and it's pretty dark.  and there is the fact i used photobooth which created a mirrored image, which is a bit irritating, but next time i'll just use imovie to record too...but i was pleasantly surprised it turned out so well.  i did have to edit out about 7min...lol...guess i ramble on ;-)

a little background on this video.  my friends kidnapped me for my birthday and took me out of town.  one thing we did was a bit of shopping as they know how much i enjoy it.  so this is my purchases from gap, anthropologie, mac (dillards) and sephora.

let me know what you think...

do you use any of these products i purchased?
do you have any recommendations for purchases for me??


~ love ya ~ jessica b.


...{...just a couple of videos...}...

Just a quick post to share two videos.  The first is from a little over a week ago when I was vacationing in Panama City.  And the second is just a quick tour of the hotel I stayed at this weekend while being "kidnapped" by my friends for a birthday trip...enjoy!



~ Love ya ~ Jessica B.


...{...Birthday Bucket List...}...

Just a few days I ago I had a birthday!...turned 28 on the 30th.  28 feels...idk, just okay.  LOL.  Right now it sounds too old for me.  25 was a bit hard realizing I was half way through my 20's.  26 was a really good fit.  When I hit 27, I realized I was well on my way to 30...which just sounds way too old for me.  But somehow 30 is sounding less daunting the closer I get to it ;-)

Ever since I saw one of these lists, I've wanted to make one and couldn't wait until my birthday to start.  I was actually a bit surprised as I got about two-thirds into the list I had a harder time thinking of things to complete the list.  I'll try to keep it updated as I complete things.  And I'm thinking of adding it to my side bar so it will be easier for you to keep updated!

...now...in no particular order...

  1. go to a summer concert (really, really want to go to NKOTBSB)
  2. pay off credit cards
  3. learn to sew, crochet, knit, ribbon embroider, watercolor
  4. create an art journal
  5. make youtube videos
  6. 06.07.11 my channel
  7. ride a roller coaster (never been on one...terrified of heights)
  8. read bible through in 90 days
  9. memorize one bible verse a week
  10. visit a state i've never been to before
  11. lose 20 pounds, or more
  12. walk/run a 5k (shelly - we need to start training and do this together)
  13. 10.22.11 5k walk
  14. regularly send greeting cards to friends/family
  15. blog 3 times per week (yay!...more postings on here)
  16. open etsy shop (greeting cards and collage canvas)
  17. visit kansas city (looks like a fun city)
  18. start saving for house (want to buy one when I turn 30)
  19. start saving for 30th birthday trip (NYC, Europe or a cruise)
  20. start keeping a detailed budget
  21. buy and ride a bicycle
  22. exercise 5 days a week
  23. start 401k (I should of done this 5 years ago)
  24. make more foods at home and eat less processed food
  25. scrapbook several days a week
  26. organize all printed pics
  27. get published (scrapbook layout or card)
  28. becoming more outgoing/make new friends
  29. keep a cleaner more organized space
  30. learn to accept/love myself
Do you have a birthday bucket list or a monthly checklist?  How about any suggestions for next year for my list?  Share either in a comment below...I'd love to hear from you :-)

~ Love ya - Jessica B.