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guess what today is...did you guess? it's my blog's birthday!!! one year ago today i made my very first ever blog post. i can't believe it has been a year already! i thought and thought about what i wanted to post about today... and i decided i'd share with you guys a check mark i made off my birthday bucket list!

here's a clue...

that's right...i marked off number.11 from the list! i didn't run, but i did walk a 5k which supported our local cancer support house. it was a bit chilly that morning and the race started at 8am. so when i woke up at 6:15 i was definitely asking myself "what was i thinking!" luckily i'd teamed up with some other people, so i knew i wouldn't be alone in my walk that day. at one point in the walk i did tear up a bit...there was this steep hill and a person cheering on the sideline held up a sign that said if they could beat cancer then we could conquer that hill. it was a rather sobering moment realizing just what our walk/donation truly meant. i want to start back training and be able to run the 5k next year!

my friend Shelly...her daughter walked with her while her husband and son ran the 5k

with my friend Lydia whom i walked with...also she's the one who let me know about the event

the 3 of us after walking the 5k...goal next year is to run it!!!

i'm pretty happy with myself for the 76 posts that i've made in the past year and look forward to lots more posting in the next year. also, just wanted to let you know a couple of other places you can find me --> pinterest - twitter - instagram - youtube - i'd love it if you'd come follow me of course here on my blog and also at the other places just listed. and of course leave me a comment letting me know where i can come follow you too!
~ jess


  1. What an awesome thing to do! Congrats on reaching a goal! Inspiring :)


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