Winter Hello

Well, we made it through Monday! :-)

As I was looking through my folder of images on my computer I ran across these cards and realized I'd never shared them on my blog. I created them last February, I think. I tend to get so caught up making Christmas cards that I don't make many winter themed cards for any other occasion. So I'm glad that I took the time to create these.

- Jessica


A Study of Triangles

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. They always seem to go by too fast for me. You may of noticed I was pretty absent from the blog last week. Just feeling a bit worn down but I think I rested up enough that I'm back to my normal self.

Today I wanted to make some cards but I was drawing a bit of a creativity blank. I was wanting to do something a bit different than I usually do. As I was sitting at my desk trying to come up with some ideas, I happened to see a triangle punch that had been put there during cleaning but should of been put away. So I decided to use that punch as my starting point. Next I grabbed my 6x6 pad of patriotic papers, chose 3 designs and started punching away. I got about 15 triangles from each piece of paper. From that point I decided to make 3-5 cards using the triangles in different ways. I ended up getting 5 cards and loved this challenge I created for myself. Maybe I should do something like this more often.

- Jessica


Color Combinations

Sometimes I just find a design that I love so much that I replicate it in tons of color combinations. That's what happened with these cards. Such an easy design to stamp. I simply chose 2 color to stamp the flowers and then added leaves in and the sentiment. I made up about 20 of these card bases. Then I simply altered each one by using a different cardstock color base or some extra pattern paper. That way each card is still unique.

Oh, some of these may look like the flowers are very splotchy. But I used a Wink of Stella glitter brush pen on each and it doesn't always photograph clearly unless the light is hitting it just right.

- Jessica