can you tell i love making cards

i feel like my posts have been about 90% cards lately.  but honestly that's what i've loved making.  when i want to just jump right in it's so much easier to make a card than to go choose a photo and a title then decide on a layout!

so here are a few more cards.  if you are tired of the cards, just wait, i have a few more blog post ideas coming soon!

- jess


august 2013 project life

i made a decision about project life this week. okay, two really.

the first and most important is that i LOVE it still :-) i wasn't sure i would still want to do it anymore but i sat down and began with a new album and worked on july 2014 and it made me soooo happy!

so the second decision is that i'm moving on.  when i have extra time i may try to go back and finish up sept 2013 - june 2014 but i'm not going to worry about it.  for me it's time to move on and live in the present!

having just said that, today we are going to look back at august 2013. lol. it's the last month that i finished in my old album so i thought i'd go ahead and post it.

- jess


failed publication

hello! popping in with another card today.  you may actually have already seen this one as it's on rotation just below the menu here on my blog.  this one though is one that i submitted for publication and wasn't picked up.  i was a little sad but this card is still one of my favorites!

- jess


more cards!

just a few more cards i've been making recently!

- jess