watercolor love

when i was in college i took several art classes as part of my degree plan. but there were a lot of things that i wanted to learn and my college simply didn't have the classes.  two classes i did take and absolutely LOVED were oil painting 1 & 2.  the sad part is i haven't touched oil paints since college, but i still think about painting almost daily.

fast forward to last year and i found a couple of online classes for watercolor.  i had bought a book and a magazine to try and teach myself, but i'm the type of person that needs to see the techniques demonstrated.  as i took the class i discovered that it is totally different than oil painting and it is still taking me a bit to get used to. but...i now LOVE watercolor too!

sadly i haven't touched it in months. but i ran across these pics from my class and it's totally making me want to pull my supplies back out!

need to just add the paint to this one!

- jess