naps are my favorite

it's no surprise to my friends that naps are one of my favorite things.  i'm very much a night owl but my job requires me to be up by 6am at the latest.  so every day i feel like i need a nap...ha!

this layout was created using the studio calico field guide kit.

~ jess


daily pics and updates

goodmorning.  i thought i was getting better at this blogging thing but apparently not...lol.

first up, i've updated my 30 before 30 list as well as my fall bucket list.  it felt really good to get a few things marked off.  i'm thinking i need to print these lists out to help motivate me on...  next, i finally opened up my etsy shop!  right now i have a few mixed media canvas pieces on there but i'm hoping to get some more things listed soon.

and finally...i meant to post these pics last week.

1. waiting in line at starbucks
2. trying on a blouse at target...didn't buy it
3. getting in some bible reading...i try to read every day but that doesn't always happen
4. this passage of scripture just really spoke to me
5. it's that time of year...eating some soup for lunch
6. what would life be w/o a little froyo ;-)
7. cinnamon raisin biscuits from hardee's...oh sooooo yummy
8. the crazy weather we've been having here

9. it was finally cool enough to wear a sweater
10. adele and james bond...two of my favs
11. maroon 5 always comes out w/ songs i keep on repeat
12. first time to wear shatter polish...kept it on my nails a full week
13. trying on a jacket at tjmaxx...verdict - winner!
14. first caramel apple of the season
15. church outfit
16. grocery shopping goodness

17. first scarf wearing of the season
18. homemade pumpkin waffles
19. my etsy shop
20. deer in our back yard

that's all i've got for you guys today!

~ jess


review - forever21 mint & urban outfitters chilly

when i was on vacation in florida i happened to pick up quite a few nail polishes, including these two from forever21 and urban outfitters.  i don't have either store close to me, so i was pretty happy to get to get to shop at both stores.

first i started out applying the forever21 mint polish.  what attracted me to this polish, besides the fast it's only $2.80 is that it's a mint base w/ a lovely blue shimmer.  the shimmer is faint, but you can still see it even after the polish has dried on the nails.  this was the first time i'd used a forever21 polish and i'm not overly crazy w/ the brush, it's just a bit too thin for my liking.  the formula for this color was also a little thin and it took 3 coats to get it completely opaque.  it does wear really well as i had it on my nails for 4 days w/ minimal wear on the tips only.  i picked up 3 more polishes from forever21 and i'm excited to see if they wear just as phenomenal since they are such a great price point.

the urban outfitters i went to didn't have very many polish colors to choose from and i only saw one that caught my eye.  this polish retailed for $5.  chilly is a beautiful glitter polish.  it's a mix of blue micro glitter, small pink glitter and holographic glitter in a clear base.  this glitter polish is stunning.  i did apply 3 coats of it to my ring fingers.

both of these polishes are beautiful and i would definitely recommend you check them out next time you are in forever21 and urban outfitters.

~ jess


photo dump

today i thought i'd share some pics w/ you that i took last week on my iphone. surprisingly i didn't take that many pics...

1. it was still pretty warm last week even though it's fall...of course that is what fall can look like in the south

2. waiting at the dr office... just a little checkup w/ my dermatologist concerning a mole that had been acting up

3. picked up a pumpkin spice frapp from starbucks

 4. polish on my nails...review coming later this week

5. some pretty awesome shoes i found at tjmaxx for only $19.99...unfortunately they were a size too big and no matter how many times i walked around in them my feet were sliding all around in them. and they were the only ones in the store :-(

6. a brand new blouse i had bought on vacation from marshalls. wore it for the first time and it had split horribly...and no, it wasn't due to fit as it was the perfect size

7. o.m.g. these are soooo yummy!!! found these at tjmaxx and i'm addicted...keeping them in my desk drawer at work for a little afternoon snack

8. have you seen this or tried it?!? i'm not a huge mango fan, but i took the pic to show my friend who loves mango

9. & 10. weekend church outfit

~ jess


wooo pig sooie

well, our beloved razorbacks just aren't doing all that well this year...but gotta love them anyway ;-)  last year i went w/ a group of friends for one friend's birthday up to fayetteville for a game.  it was so much fun...best part, they won!

i finally got around to scrapping this page recently.  i used pieces from the studio calico kits - field guide and pin cushion along w/ other bits from my stash.

~ jess