30 before 30

somebody around here had a birthday this week... yep, little ol' me!  wednesday i began the countdown of the last year of my 20s.  how did this happen!?!  i am a bit sad that i only have one year left of my 20s but i'm determined to make this year count.

last year i made a 28 before 29 list and i was a bit ambitious w/ it and didn't accomplish a lot on the list.  today i sat down to make a 30 things to do before i turn 30 and i'm pretty happy with this list.  i think everything on here is definitely able to be accomplished in a year.  so here's the list...i look forward to checking each thing off...

1. start planning and save for 30th bday trip to nyc (decided to stay closer to home for bday)
2. visit biltmore estate
3. visit savannah, ga
     ---september 2012 vacation
4. spend the weekend in kansas city
5. take a completely random roadtrip
6. see a horse race in hot springs
7. go to a concert
8. spend a day at the ocean (trip postponed until a few months after birthday)
9. visit a state i’ve never been to
     ---louisiana - september 2012 (on my way to florida/georgia for vacation)
10. save more and spend less
11. bake 30 different kinds of cupcakes
12. make french macarons
13. make homemade ice cream this summer
14. stop comparing myself to others
15. seek God more
16. put more emphasis on my health
17. complain less
18. try to be 15 min early instead of always running late
19. mail cards to at least 5 people a month
20. read at least two books a month - and review it on blog
21. create a blogging routine instead of posting randomly
22. re-design blog
23. work on getting a bachelor’s degree
     --- researched; decided to not pursue at this time
24. stop being so unapproachable
25. push past my comfort zone
26. ride a rollercoaster
27. take a 30 day fast from tv (going to movies w/ friends excluded)
28. start scrapbooking my daily life - project life style
29. run a 5k
30. do a project 10-pan
          ---started july 11


  1. I want to see you ride a rollercoaster lol! This is a nice list. A horse race would be cool and NYC would be a dream come true! Alyssa Dobbins


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