yum vietnamese

we have a lot of vietnamese restaurants around here and i love their food!  in the summers i crave their spring rolls w/ peanut sauce.  any other time i usually get rice w/ shrimp and fish sauce, limes and mint.  it is soooooo good!

for this layout i broke out my silhouette machine.  i have a total love/hate relationship with the machine.  first i tried to cut out the background in a gray cardstock which didn't cut all the way through and shifted mid cut so one line of circles was off from the others.  but i want to use my machine more so i tried it again w/ a thinner cardstock and it worked beautifully.

i also added some lines in black ink around some of the edges.  this is something we did in art class in college and i like it on the more graphic style layouts that i make.

the misting in the backgound is mister huey in sunshine.

~ jess


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