Watercolor Shaker Card

I still have all the 😍  for shaker cards! It's all the sparkle really that I'm attracted to. If they weren't so time consuming and I knew all my recipients would love them I'd probably make only shaker cards, ha!

This card also incorporates my love for ombre'. First I used ink with a blending tool to create the panel, then I used a diecut on the panel. Next I placed the frame back into place to add some added interest to the shaker window.

- Jessica


Recycled Planner

At the beginning of a new year I, like so many others, always have old calendars and planners from the previous year. Sometimes I throw them away and sometimes I save them.

This planner is just a few years old 😉  I actually only used it for about a month then gave up. But I kept it all this time thinking surely I could recycle it and make something nice from all the lovely art inside. Turns out these pages are perfect for cards! The planner pages are about 6 x 8.5"h, so I do have to crop them. But I love how the cards turned out and can't wait to make more. This particular planner had the art on about every 4th page. And it's a double sided art page so if I wanted to keep the planner pages to reuse I could...or if I'd of used the planner pages and wanted to save those I could also do that.

Just a fun little project and worth taking a look at your planners and calendars from 2016 and beyond! Also a great idea of you are on a "no buy" for 2017.

- Jessica


Hold On

A few weeks ago I finally felt like getting back into my craft room and create a scrapbook page. Honestly it has been soooo long since I've created a page that I almost didn't tell people anymore that I was a scrapbooker.

I wanted to make a page that was creative and I'm always influenced by Wilna's beautiful pages so that's where I took my inspiration from. Gesso and watercolors are something I always have so it made it so easy to work up this page.

- Jessica



As I embark on this near year I want to remember this quote -

"Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
- L.M. Montgomery

I can so easily get caught up in this new year and when things fail to go the way I had hoped that I begin to lose faith in the year as a whole. But it's each day and each moment that counts. Life is full of steps that either lead me toward or away from my goals. I want to be careful and purposeful with the steps that I take.

I'm thankful for a new year but I'm more thankful for a new day.

- Jessica