2014 autumn bucket list

i'm a little torn when it comes to autumn. part of me is very sad to see the warmth and sun-filled summer fleeing away. but the other part of me craves those cooler days that bring warm drinks and sweaters and boots. most years i'm ready to jump into autumn by the time it arrives but this year not as much. so i thought i'd list some of my favorite things that happen during the autumn as a bucket list to help me make the transition a bit easier.

• make pumpkin bread •

go to a football game

eat a caramel apple

go on a scenic drive and look at the fall foliage

drink apple cider

• snuggle in a blanket while reading a book on the porch •

make smores

• walk a 5k •

• bake a pie •

• crochet a scarf •

bake cupcakes

burn autumn scented candles

try at least 5 apple varieties
- honeycrisp -
- ambrosia -
- pinata -
- pacific rose -
- envy -
- mcintosh -
- jazz -

send 'thankful for you' cards

- jess


september currents

listening // autumnal weather just screams norah jones to me

reading // nothing this month besides the Bible

eating // less sugar and dairy

drinking // iced green tea

wearing // sandals

feeling // like i've fallen off the health train...gained 16 lbs in less than a year

weather // in the 80s

watching // vlogs

waiting // for cooler weather to switch over my wardrobe

wanting // to scrapbook

needing // to get moving more

enjoying // driving with my windows down because of the cooler evenings

wondering // what the next year holds

working // on myself

- jess