Recycled Planner

At the beginning of a new year I, like so many others, always have old calendars and planners from the previous year. Sometimes I throw them away and sometimes I save them.

This planner is just a few years old 😉  I actually only used it for about a month then gave up. But I kept it all this time thinking surely I could recycle it and make something nice from all the lovely art inside. Turns out these pages are perfect for cards! The planner pages are about 6 x 8.5"h, so I do have to crop them. But I love how the cards turned out and can't wait to make more. This particular planner had the art on about every 4th page. And it's a double sided art page so if I wanted to keep the planner pages to reuse I could...or if I'd of used the planner pages and wanted to save those I could also do that.

Just a fun little project and worth taking a look at your planners and calendars from 2016 and beyond! Also a great idea of you are on a "no buy" for 2017.

- Jessica


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