...{...Birthday Bucket List...}...

Just a few days I ago I had a birthday!...turned 28 on the 30th.  28 feels...idk, just okay.  LOL.  Right now it sounds too old for me.  25 was a bit hard realizing I was half way through my 20's.  26 was a really good fit.  When I hit 27, I realized I was well on my way to 30...which just sounds way too old for me.  But somehow 30 is sounding less daunting the closer I get to it ;-)

Ever since I saw one of these lists, I've wanted to make one and couldn't wait until my birthday to start.  I was actually a bit surprised as I got about two-thirds into the list I had a harder time thinking of things to complete the list.  I'll try to keep it updated as I complete things.  And I'm thinking of adding it to my side bar so it will be easier for you to keep updated!

...now...in no particular order...

  1. go to a summer concert (really, really want to go to NKOTBSB)
  2. pay off credit cards
  3. learn to sew, crochet, knit, ribbon embroider, watercolor
  4. create an art journal
  5. make youtube videos
  6. 06.07.11 my channel
  7. ride a roller coaster (never been on one...terrified of heights)
  8. read bible through in 90 days
  9. memorize one bible verse a week
  10. visit a state i've never been to before
  11. lose 20 pounds, or more
  12. walk/run a 5k (shelly - we need to start training and do this together)
  13. 10.22.11 5k walk
  14. regularly send greeting cards to friends/family
  15. blog 3 times per week (yay!...more postings on here)
  16. open etsy shop (greeting cards and collage canvas)
  17. visit kansas city (looks like a fun city)
  18. start saving for house (want to buy one when I turn 30)
  19. start saving for 30th birthday trip (NYC, Europe or a cruise)
  20. start keeping a detailed budget
  21. buy and ride a bicycle
  22. exercise 5 days a week
  23. start 401k (I should of done this 5 years ago)
  24. make more foods at home and eat less processed food
  25. scrapbook several days a week
  26. organize all printed pics
  27. get published (scrapbook layout or card)
  28. becoming more outgoing/make new friends
  29. keep a cleaner more organized space
  30. learn to accept/love myself
Do you have a birthday bucket list or a monthly checklist?  How about any suggestions for next year for my list?  Share either in a comment below...I'd love to hear from you :-)

~ Love ya - Jessica B.


  1. I would like to go to a summer concert too. I also like the memorize one scripture a month idea and should do that too. I remember how we used to memorize scripture while at NCA and I have not been doing that as much and I need to be.

    Alyssa D

  2. WOW, very ambitious! This is going to be an exciting year. I hope to see all these things. Of course you're always an inspiration to me, bucket list or not. 5K here we come!!!!!!

  3. I do have somewhat of a bucket list, for my life, but I've never thought of doing one for a year...great idea, maybe I'll do one too!

  4. I thought it was a GREAT list, I sent you BD wishes on your FB profile by the way, hope you received plenty. But next year I will be 54! Yes you have an OLD subscriber... And at that age it is harder to even THINK let alone creating a list! haha jk
    Denise (FB friend)

  5. what agreat list .. and a great idea.. stay Blessed enjoy like and scrapbook the events...loveyour blog...

  6. Great list! I have to say that turning thirty wasn't bad at all! My thirties have actually been pretty great :) Now just wait until you are getting ready to turn 40 like me :) I swear I still feel like I am in my twenties sometimes. I've learned that age is really only a number! :)

  7. What a cool idea! I hope you accomplish everything on your list this year :) I live in KC and it is a fun city! Let me know if you need travel tips!

  8. Happy birthday - a few days late. I love doing lists like this on my bday too. You've got some great things on yours. Hope you get to have some of these adventures and cross some stuff off your list! :)

  9. That is a really cool Idea! My bucket list is the big things like touch the pyramids and kiss the blarney stone. Never have I thought to make it the mundane/ actually achievable stuff! Thanks for sharing!!!


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