review - forever21 mint & urban outfitters chilly

when i was on vacation in florida i happened to pick up quite a few nail polishes, including these two from forever21 and urban outfitters.  i don't have either store close to me, so i was pretty happy to get to get to shop at both stores.

first i started out applying the forever21 mint polish.  what attracted me to this polish, besides the fast it's only $2.80 is that it's a mint base w/ a lovely blue shimmer.  the shimmer is faint, but you can still see it even after the polish has dried on the nails.  this was the first time i'd used a forever21 polish and i'm not overly crazy w/ the brush, it's just a bit too thin for my liking.  the formula for this color was also a little thin and it took 3 coats to get it completely opaque.  it does wear really well as i had it on my nails for 4 days w/ minimal wear on the tips only.  i picked up 3 more polishes from forever21 and i'm excited to see if they wear just as phenomenal since they are such a great price point.

the urban outfitters i went to didn't have very many polish colors to choose from and i only saw one that caught my eye.  this polish retailed for $5.  chilly is a beautiful glitter polish.  it's a mix of blue micro glitter, small pink glitter and holographic glitter in a clear base.  this glitter polish is stunning.  i did apply 3 coats of it to my ring fingers.

both of these polishes are beautiful and i would definitely recommend you check them out next time you are in forever21 and urban outfitters.

~ jess


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