daily pics and updates

goodmorning.  i thought i was getting better at this blogging thing but apparently not...lol.

first up, i've updated my 30 before 30 list as well as my fall bucket list.  it felt really good to get a few things marked off.  i'm thinking i need to print these lists out to help motivate me on...  next, i finally opened up my etsy shop!  right now i have a few mixed media canvas pieces on there but i'm hoping to get some more things listed soon.

and finally...i meant to post these pics last week.

1. waiting in line at starbucks
2. trying on a blouse at target...didn't buy it
3. getting in some bible reading...i try to read every day but that doesn't always happen
4. this passage of scripture just really spoke to me
5. it's that time of year...eating some soup for lunch
6. what would life be w/o a little froyo ;-)
7. cinnamon raisin biscuits from hardee's...oh sooooo yummy
8. the crazy weather we've been having here

9. it was finally cool enough to wear a sweater
10. adele and james bond...two of my favs
11. maroon 5 always comes out w/ songs i keep on repeat
12. first time to wear shatter polish...kept it on my nails a full week
13. trying on a jacket at tjmaxx...verdict - winner!
14. first caramel apple of the season
15. church outfit
16. grocery shopping goodness

17. first scarf wearing of the season
18. homemade pumpkin waffles
19. my etsy shop
20. deer in our back yard

that's all i've got for you guys today!

~ jess


  1. I love all of your great instagrams...lovely, I subscribed to your blog and going to try to follow you on instagram...my instagram handle is fromtastic, I still need to figure out how to link it to my blog.


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