photo dump

today i thought i'd share some pics w/ you that i took last week on my iphone. surprisingly i didn't take that many pics...

1. it was still pretty warm last week even though it's fall...of course that is what fall can look like in the south

2. waiting at the dr office... just a little checkup w/ my dermatologist concerning a mole that had been acting up

3. picked up a pumpkin spice frapp from starbucks

 4. polish on my nails...review coming later this week

5. some pretty awesome shoes i found at tjmaxx for only $19.99...unfortunately they were a size too big and no matter how many times i walked around in them my feet were sliding all around in them. and they were the only ones in the store :-(

6. a brand new blouse i had bought on vacation from marshalls. wore it for the first time and it had split horribly...and no, it wasn't due to fit as it was the perfect size

7. o.m.g. these are soooo yummy!!! found these at tjmaxx and i'm addicted...keeping them in my desk drawer at work for a little afternoon snack

8. have you seen this or tried it?!? i'm not a huge mango fan, but i took the pic to show my friend who loves mango

9. & 10. weekend church outfit

~ jess


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