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saw this over on stephanie's blog --> whom i adore and often wonder how she does it all!...head over there NOW if you've never stopped by her blog.  even if you don't scrapbook just seeing her adorable family is worth it...

thought this 'authentic blogging' was a great idea.  i think a lot of times there's two sides to blogging - those who just share it all, every.single.detail. and those who paint this picturesque idea of their life.  why can't it be a mix of both?

here's what's been on my heart...

--> ever been on a diving board scared to jump...yeah, me neither, but i imagine if feels something like this...ahhh...deep breath...jump...

1. sometimes i feel my life is wasting away.  while i'm at work i just think about getting home and accomplishing sooo many projects that are running around in my mind.  but then when i get home...it's like laziness slaps me in the face and most nights you'll find me glued to the tv going through my dvr trying to watch as much as i can to free up space to fill it all up again.  i wish it wasn't that way but i just always feel soooo tired.

2. i've been thinking about the path that God has for me and wondering if i'm still on the right road and if i'm as far along it as i should be.  most of the time i feel i fall short of my potential.  there's so much more i could/should be doing and yet...i'm.just.not...

3. i worry about becoming an old maid.  that i'll never get married or have kids.  and since i'm an only child i then worry that i'll be all alone when i'm old and end up dying alone.  some days i do just sit back and realize i've got this opportunity to do some amazing things while i'm not married...things that might not be possible if i had a family...things that tend to define being in my twenties.  but then when i see so many people i know...especially those younger than me...getting married and having kids i begin to wonder if i'll ever get my turn.

4. i'm a bit terrified to get on the scales at the moment.  no gym for weeks.  lots of fast food and junk food in general.  i just know the scales will not be my friend.  of course i do look for honesty in friendships...

~ jess


  1. Your #1? Totally me, too. I sit at work all day every day making lists of things I want to do that night at home, and by the time I get home, eat, walk the dog, etc., etc., I just do not feel like it. I try to get motivated and remember that I get my energy from my creative time....but it's hard!

  2. #1 and 2--I think we've all been there. I heard that the average American spends 4 hrs a day watching tv...that's crazy if you think about it! And I'm always terrified of the scale. :)

  3. yep, I can relate, and I even have kids. But of the 4, 3 are adopted later in childhood and not such big fans of me. Glad you blogged you!

  4. I relate.....it's so hard to get off the couch at night! and I am married and worry about not being able to have kids and what life would be like....no matter where you are at...there is always some anxiety with it unfortunately.

  5. Thank you so much for joining in and being brave enough to share your heart.

  6. authentic blogging.. love it... I try to be authentic in all i share and do on my site... come and visit.. and tell me what u think! hugs xo


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