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Hey everyone!  Hope you've been enjoying the lovely month of June.  I'm happy that we are enjoying warm days.  I used to hate the warm weather as it gets pretty toasty here in the summer.  But the older I get the more I despise winter with it's frigid temps.  Thankfully I live in the south where it doesn't get too cold.  But...it's still too cold for me.  I just get so lazy in the winter...only wanting to eat and sleep...and hating to crawl out of bed.  So I've told myself once the warm weather comes I will not complain.  And everyday the temps have been climbing into the high 90's and I begin to long for it to be a bit cooler, I simply remind myself of the cold temps a few months ago and instantly I'm loving this very warm weather. :-)

On to other things... Have you heard of Birchbox?  It's a monthly subscription for deluxe beauty samples for only $10 per month.  Now at first I thought that seemed a bit odd...pay to get samples.  Especially what if I hated all the samples they gave me.  But, they also throw in full size products a lot of the times.  After watching some youtube videos where people were showcasing the products they were sent I decided to give it a try.  Last week I received my first box in the mail...LOVE it!  It's going to be so fun every month waiting for the box to be delivered, not knowing what is in mine.  Now I did watch a few videos from youtubers showing off their June Birchbox...and I kinda regretted that.  I think next month I'll hold off until after I've opened mine that way it's a complete surprise.  Below is my video showcasing the products I received...enjoy!

Love ya ~ Jessica B.


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