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yay!  i'm excited to mark off #5 from my birthday bucket list... that's right folks, i'm getting some videos up on youtube.  this one is a little raw...done about 11pm...so i'm whispering and it's pretty dark.  and there is the fact i used photobooth which created a mirrored image, which is a bit irritating, but next time i'll just use imovie to record too...but i was pleasantly surprised it turned out so well.  i did have to edit out about 7min...lol...guess i ramble on ;-)

a little background on this video.  my friends kidnapped me for my birthday and took me out of town.  one thing we did was a bit of shopping as they know how much i enjoy it.  so this is my purchases from gap, anthropologie, mac (dillards) and sephora.

let me know what you think...

do you use any of these products i purchased?
do you have any recommendations for purchases for me??


~ love ya ~ jessica b.


  1. Looks like you had ALOT of fun shopping! I seen several products I had never heard of..
    All the best to you and your future endeavors.


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