...{...two peas, big lots and hobby lobby haul...}...

Hey!  Just a quick post today to share my newest youtube video...  Hope you enjoy!

~ Love ya ~ Jessica B.


  1. looks like you got a lot of great goodies!! Have fun playing!

  2. Have fun with your new goodies! :-)

  3. Way to go at making a video...I keep meaning to give it try, have fun with your new finds!

  4. I love 'looking' at shopping goodies.
    Although I am not familiar with stamping it is something that looks like it could be fun! I wouldn't mind seeing some finished products too...(hint,hint)
    I recently bought the Scrapbox standing cabinet, which I might add is packed full of treasures very similar to yours so watching shopping is the best for me right now until I do a clean OUT!.
    The adhesive I have been using is Weldbond and also Scotch Scrapbooking. I also use zots, and other small sticker adhesives. Let me know if you know of something better!


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