...{...Sunday Favorites...}...

1. Lonny Magazine
Lots and lots of great inspiration.  I love that this is a free online magazine.

2. Winter Rains Mini Print
A beautiful print that evokes the feeling of fall/winter.  Completely my style both artistically and they fashion styling.

3. Teal Ms. Park Avenue Coat
Ahhh...yeah, I have a thing for coats.  But this one is BEAUTIFUL!  Could definitely see it being worn as a dress.

4. Kitchen Conversions
Anyone who really knows me knows that math is not my strong point.  I could definitely use one of these in my kitchen.

5. Vosges 2010 Holiday Truffle Collection
I must admit I've never tried their chocolates, but I've heard they taste AMAZING.  And I sooo have a weak spot for chocolate (preferably dark chocolate).

6. Gifted Magazine
Yes, I could look over this a million times.  There is something about a gift guide that always gets my imagination going.  I must admit that I LOVE giving gifts and I'm always on the lookout for the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

Well, I hope you enjoy these favs just as much as I have this week...


  1. I am going to have to check out that magazine! I like trying to find the perfect gift too, but sometimes it's so hard.


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