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Ahh...last bit of blogging about my shopping on black friday.  So first was the big haul from Two Peas and then the even bigger haul from Joann.  Now...the final box to arrive was my...SILHOUETTE SD!!!  I was sooo excited to get this.  I've been wanting it for...okay a few months really.  Evidently I've been living under a rock and hadn't heard about it until a few months ago. 

I've never been one to want a die-cut machine besides my little Cuttlebug.  Problem w/ it is that you have to buy the die's and it's only so big.  Plus storage for all the die and embossing folders.  But I knew I didn't want a Cricut 'cause you have to buy the cartridges and I'd never really come across one that I just loved.  Then...oh my...I spotted it in a YouTube video...Are you serious!...a die-cut machine that you can create your own graphics for...no cartridges required.  The graphic designer in me started singing HALLELUJAH!  So I kept my eye out for a good sale.  Unfortunately I didn't get the best deal, which was at Overstock, but I did get it on sale and am sooooo excited to start using it.  For now it's sitting in it's box, probably until the chaos of Christmas is over.

So...do you own one?
Do you have any tips for me on using it?
How about some links for tutorials/freebies/projects?


  1. No cartridges? Hooray! I want one too!! :)

  2. wowzers!! you did some really great shopping...lol

  3. congratulations on your find!

  4. I've had the original silhouette for years but it finally died recently. My new silhouette arrived yesterday. I love the versatility of being able to cut any true type font and cutting it to the size and scale that fits your project. Kerri Bradford creates awesome images and does freebies sometimes. Check her out at: http://kerribradford.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks Tammy...I have Kerri's site bookmarked!


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