...{...Christmas Cards - 2010...}...

Oh my goodness.  I feel so bad that I've been so neglectful of my blog!  Trust me, I have lots of things to post.  I've just been enjoying some free time during the Holidays!  But now it's a new year and I'm excited to start some new projects!

Tonight I have a post full of all my Christmas cards I made for this past Christmas.  I read someone's post recently that they create a few Christmas cards every month so it's not such a rush at the end.  This sounds like a great idea and something I'm going to try this year I think.  I made all these cards over two evenings, but it was ALL evening and going into the early hours of the morning.  And since I was in such a rush, I don't have the materials list.  But if you want to know about a certain paper, stamp, etc, just leave a post below and I'll be glad to let you know!

ps.  I had these caprese turnovers tonight and oh were they yummy!  I added prosciutto to mine.  You should give them a try!


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