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just a quick post today. already a crazy week for me. yesterday, a few hours after i got to work, i received a call that my nanny was being transported to the hospital due to her heart. so i spent the day up at the hospital. she is better now, but they are still treating her.

...on to the blog post...

do you cut your own hair or have it professionally cut/trimmed? i kind of go back and forth.

thankfully i have a great hair gal now who i totally trust and she's been working on my hair for the past year. with the cooler weather i have been sooo wanting some bangs. a few years ago i wanted a full bang, think kate hudson in bride wars. so i took a pic of her to the salon inside my local ulta store...what i walked out with was horrible... my hair has a natural wave to it and the girl cutting my hair didn't take this into account, thus leaving me w/ some short, crazy looking bangs. ever since i've been terrified to try that style again...instead opting for the side-swept look instead. but i've not been able to get the idea of that style of bangs out of my head. so i was going to have my new hairdresser work her magic on them the next time i went...but...i'm too impatient!...so...i cut them myself sunday night---eek---because my hair is so thin, i took quite a bit of hair to make the bangs and they are a bit thick...but, other than that i'm pretty happy w/ them...

right after cutting them...a bit long - almost eye-lash grazing...will need to trim up again this week

no styling...air dry...you can see the wave...still like them this way too...

~ jess


  1. Looks like you did a good job on them. I hate to hear your nanny is not doing well. Will keep her in prayer. Alyssa D

  2. Well done on doing that all yourself....I cut everyone else in my houses' hair...not mine tho. I hope your nanny is recovering well.


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