...{...mother's day revisited...}...

as i was cleaning up my image folder last night, i realized that there were a few projects this year that i failed to post.  for mother's day this year i decided to create a 12x12 layout in a shadowbox for both my grandmother (nanny) and my mom.  i'm such a procrastinator that i was working on these right up until the last minute!  but i was very happy w/ how they turned out and they seemed to really love the gifts...oh and of course i made cards for them too...

...first my mom's...

yes, that is a pic of me as a baby w/ my mom...check out her hair!

...now my nanny's...

my grandparents always had watermelon on the anniversary of the day they met...

caption: memorial day anniversary tradition...as a side note, i was born 25 years to the day they met

~ jess


  1. Love those shadow boxes, such a great idea!

  2. Oh my goodness, everything you made is stunning.
    Love your cards.
    Those shadow boxes are stunning.
    I love the colours so soft.
    Just beautiful.


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