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hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  as it is most of the time, this weekend went by way too fast.  thought i'd share a few pics from this weekend.

friday night i went to red lobster for dinner w/ some friends.  i have a small group that i meet w/ every friday night.  then after dinner we were going to see the new movie contagion, but opted for some starbucks instead.  saturday i traveled about 3-1/2 hours for a church gathering that lasted all day.  then sunday i enjoyed about 12 hours of sleep...church service...then a youth fundraising dinner of fried fish.

i actually only took two pics all weekend...i need to step it up w/ more pics.  these pics are just from my iphone, so not the best of quality...although i did touch them up a bit in photoshop...

friday night...ready for dinner w/ friends

sunday...church time

~ jess


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