...{...rachel's canvas and card...}...

friday could not get here fast enough for me this week. try as i might, i was never able to get in bed before midnight most of this week, so i am really looking forward to sleeping in saturday morning!

wednesday was the 18th birthday of a dear friend of mine from church, rachel.  and as i learned this week, she shares that date w/ a lot of people in the us as it's the #1 day to be born.  anywho... :-) i decided to make her one of the canvas girls.

i love all the yummy textures

rachel LOVES coach purses so i wanted to incoporate that into the design

that's a strip of washi tape!...

look closely and there is more washi tape above the lanterns

what's a birthday w/o a birthday card!?!

my favorite combination is to mix floral and animal print...of course a dash of sparkle is nice too

rachel really seemed to like it and especially the fact that i'd incorporated a coach purse ;-)
~ jess


  1. What a fabulous gift!!! And the card is great, too!

  2. This is awesome! Love the card too! :)

  3. I am sure she LOVED this! It's a wonderful gift!


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