right now

saw this post over at confessions of a twenty something artist and thought it would be cool to fill out...

'right now'
listening: echo by free chapel - downloaded it from itunes today
reading: still working on redeeming love by francine rivers - almost done
eating: the new lean cuisines recently stocked at my local supercenter
drinking: this wonderful green smoothie - really, it tastes good, i promise!
wearing: my workout clothes, i hate going to the gym but i know it's so good for me
feeling: tired and rejuvenated at the same time if that's possible
weather: chilly this morning with frost on the car, but it was in the mid 60s this afternoon
watching: catching up on my dvr - fringe being what i'm most looking forward to
waiting: for vacation - only a few more weeks
wanting: for spring to get here quicker
needing: to get into the gym more
enjoying: a bit of pampering - eyebrows and hair done last week, facial tomorrow
wondering: when one of my friends will be delivering her baby girl - due today
working: on getting some blog posts up

~ jess


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