listening: barton hollow album by the civil wars - i'm addicted to it!

reading: nothing lately.  i started delirium by lauren oliver a few weeks ago.  read the first few chapters in one sitting and then haven't picked it back up yet.  the beginning was okay, but i just haven't been in a reading mood.

eating: junk. ha! but trying to get back to the 'good-for-me' stuff this week

drinking: a tropical green smoothie.  so very yummy!  best green smoothie yet.

wearing: gray.peach.pink.  wedge sandals because it's going to be in the 80s today.

feeling: horrid yesterday about myself for getting to my highest weight ever.  as in - in my entire life!  but i started counting calories again yesterday and went back to the gym and made better choices so today is a better day.

weather: sunny and just warm enough.  it's a nice change after all the rain we had last week!

watching: enjoyed renting tintin and dream house from redbox over the weekend.  loving fringe and the firm on my dvr.

waiting: until 11am this morning to get the addons from studio calico! oh and for good friday so i can go on a girl's weekend trip!

wanting: to stay on track and lose some of this weight.

needing: to take several boxes of clothes to the consignment shop today. 

enjoying: this lovely warm weather!

wondering: about a lot!  ha.

working: on becoming a better person.

pic above is a graph of my weight for the last 3 years...and the inflections are only for a 10lb range! i need to find the resolve to push past that as i need to lose about 80lbs. but it's so easy to stop and fall into old habits... must.stay.determined!

~ jess


  1. you can do it!! I believe in you.. !! *hugs*

  2. It will happen for you. Food is fun and good and hard to fight, but you can do it. Just keep it up. I can kinda relate. saturday I weighed myself and it was the most I have ever weighed. Guess we can blame it on the wings and fries Friday haha. Add

  3. Hope you got the SC add-ons you wanted!! i am currently trudging through breaking some old weighty habits. So, you're not alone. We should start a weight loss venting board over on SC.

  4. You deserve it! Go for it and don't look back! Think positive and be positive and it will all fall into place!!


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