happy birthday nanny

this is what happens when i want to scrapbook... i don't get the events onto paper usually til much later. luckily for my nanny i'm only a month and a half past on her bday layout. ha! oh, this is my 3rd layout w/ the studio calico story hour kit.

it's hard to believe that she turned 84 this year!  doesn't seem like she should be that old... she's got some good genes... both of her parents lived to be 94.

she always likes to be surrounded by friends and family on the day of her bday.  she doesn't like it if you have to put off celebrating until another day.  so for her bday this year (march 2nd) we (my parents and i) stopped by her house and took her gifts to her and then went out for dinner.

she loves ribs.  if a restaurant has them, then she will probably order them.  so we went to cheddars for dinner.which i was pretty happy with that choice as well since i'm obsessed w/ their monte cristo sandwich!

it was nice to have a little family dinner.  although my mom had just had eye surgery so she couldn't see very well to eat her food!

nanny really seemed to enjoy her dinner and the time spent together that evening...

~ jess


  1. Oh what a wonderful layout. Those dollies are so sweet! & that alphabet I am so sad I missed! LOVE them :)

  2. such an awesome page!!

  3. awww, so sweet! you do have a way with doilies - love it!

  4. Beautiful page (I love that kit), love what you have done with the doilies too :)

  5. love how to way you play with mist and doilies..

  6. loving! great textures and patterns!


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