god is writing my love story

ever feel like your friends got on this great cruise boat and you missed out...  it's so easy to look at someone else' life and compare their lives to your own.

society is ever changing, but it doesn't necessarily influence everyone's life.  anymore it is common to wait until you are in your 30s to marry and start a family.  try telling that to the older people in your life.  like when at the age of 23 my grandpa told me i was already an old maid. ha! he said it half joking and very lovingly of course.  and now there's my nanny who at age 84 constantly reminds me that i need to hurry along so she can see my wedding and hold another great-grandchild.

by your 30s you've had plenty of time to finish college and be well along on your career path.  ummm, yes, i can check both those off my list.  at 28, nearly 29 (in 2 weeks) i've been out of college and at my current job for 7 years this week.  i started as an intern, then graphic designer, lead designer and currently an art director.  however some things, like a house of my own still elude me.  of course living at home until your in your 30s seem to be all too common now as well.

but then there are always those who kick society aside and choose to marry and start their families early.  one of the girl's i graduated hs with became engaged the same night!  and some friends from school and church who are years younger are already married and have lots of children running around.

sometimes i enjoy the quiet, knowing that i should cherish these years.  these are the times i'm still able to be selfish.  i choose what to do w/ my time - meeting up with friends randomly for dinner and movie and staying out til 2am.  i choose what to do w/ my money - shopping weekly for beauty, fashion and crafting.  there is way less stress on me.

but now, especially as i'm nearing the last year of my beloved 20s it becomes ever more present...that longing for someone to spend the rest of my life with and have a family.  it's during these times i must constantly remind myself that yes, god is writing my love story.  you see i choose to give him this part of my life because i know he will choose the perfect person for me in his time, which is perfect timing.

it isn't always easy to choose god's path, but it's the path i'm choosing to take...



  1. so well said!!!! And, love your layout :)

  2. I love this layout and your attitude. I was thirty when I married and nearly 36 when our daughter was born. Enjoy the freedom you have now as children especially will change your life totally.

  3. Love this layout and love your perspective. We discussed this topic in our Ladies' Sunday School hour. 1 Corinthians 7:34. All in God's time. All according to His plan and purpose. Thanks for your testimony.

  4. Your layout us simply beautiful! I too, asked God to send me someone special, and I married at age 30. Sadly, all but one of my high school friends who married in their 20s is now divorced from their first husband. I feel like God may have saved me from a lot of heartache. It is not my intention to criticize marrying in your 20's, only to share my story. Wishing you much joy in whatever He has planned for you!


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