hello!  did you guys have a good weekend?  i was totally lazy this weekend but it felt good to just get some rest.  of course now that it's late sunday evening i'm full of energy...ha!  that's how i always am - getting a big wave of energy at night.

today i'm sharing a recent layout i created.  do you ever make multiple layouts about the same things?  i found this pic that i'd taken the night of 11.11.2011 as i was on my way to a friend's wedding.  back in january i'd already created a layout about that special date, but i decided to go ahead and create another layout.

~ jess


  1. I just love the pink butterfly on this layout! Fab job!

  2. Great layout - great colors! I love it!

  3. Pretty page! Love the colors & misting!

  4. I really love your feminine playful style. Very pretty and not cookie cutter like so many I've seen. I found you through a mutual class on skill share and look forward to catching up on your blog. Have a great weekend.


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