2013 olw

have you heard all the buzz about choosing a word, one little word for the year?  i first heard about it toward the end of 2011.  last year i chose the word MOVE and i signed up for ali edward's class.  i had great plans, but alas as with most things in my life it never reached any potential.

this year is going to be different.
because of the word itself.
it's a word that sparks change.
it means to change completely.
this year my word is...

i'll be sharing more about this word a little later.
it will be a reoccurring post here on my blog.
but for today i just wanted to share my word.

this year i am choosing not to take ali's class again.
it's a great class and i recommend you take it, especially if this is your first year to chose a word.
but for me...
for this year...
i'm going to take what i learned last year and combine it with some ideas i have for it.

did you chose a word for 2013?

- jess


  1. Happy new year! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with for this word:-)

  2. love your word, i'll be sure to come back and see what you do with it.

  3. Great choice for your OLW!!

  4. I love your word, I was playing with that too but then decided I wouldn't take the class because I only lasted a month last year although I do like the idea of doing it on my own.

  5. Gat word. Looking forward to what you do with it :)


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