weekend review

it seems like this weekend just flew by. can i please rewind???  lol.

today i wanted to do a little recap of the weekend.  once i started looking at the pics i took i realize i need to bring my camera out more...so many things i just didn't capture this weekend...

friday night i went out with my friends to dinner at fuji for some hibachi and sushi.  honestly, it's at least the 5th time i've been for hibachi so i wasn't much interested in the show.  my first thought was just to order sushi and try something new, but i backed out at the last minute.  so dinner for me was the chicken hibachi dinner and a philly roll.  i actually only ate the sushi and took all the rest home for dinner.

after dinner we were going to go to a local coffee shop as my friends and i still needed to do our christmas gift exchange.  but when we pulled up we realized that we only had 30 min until they closed.  so instead we went to goody's which is a local froyo shop.  they were so kind and since no one was using one of the private rooms they let us use it!  we had so much fun and it was the most i laughed in a long time.

on saturday, myself and three other friends took a quick trip over to tulsa.  it was actually a really, really late birthday trip for my friend...her bday was at the end of august!  we first headed to macaroni grill for lunch, which is one of her favorite places to eat...mine too!  i always get the blackberry mint iced tea...so yummy!  for my entree i opted for one of their seasonal choices - tortellini with butternut squash.  it was one of the best pasta dishes i have ever eaten!

next up was a bit of shopping...well, a lot of shopping.  lol.  we spent 5hrs at the mall.  i was worn out after all that shopping/walking.  a lot of the stores were still having sales and i was able to get a few good deals.  my favorite purchase of the day was this michael kors watch, although sadly it wasn't on sale...

after shopping we went to dinner at on the border and their guacamole is insanely good.  we followed that up with a quick stop at the gas station to get some drinks and then krispy kreme for donuts then we were on the road home.

sunday i slept in til around 10 which felt so good.  after a quick breakfast i headed to the grocery store with my mom.  after we were back home and had all the groceries put up i decided to make a meyer lemon pudding.  i ended up putting half of it in these cute little graham cracker crusts i'd picked up at the grocery and the rest of the pudding just went into some little juice glasses.  for some reason i just couldn't get out of the kitchen.  next i decided to cut up the honeydew melon and papaya.  then on to cutting and prepping the pomegranate.  after all this it was nearly dinner so i fixed up some guacamole for a little appetizer.  dad wasn't eating dinner, so mom and i decided to split the hibachi meal i'd brought home friday night.  to stretch it a bit for the two of us i sauteed up a 1/4 red onion and a little summer squash which was a great addition to the meal.

by the time dinner was over i was ready for bed again.  lol.  but i had a bit of cleaning to do.  then i decided to try out this new mask i'd picked up at sephora the day before.  pretty amazing stuff.  i'll be sure to do a review of it soon.  finally i switched on the lovely garden lights i have strung up along the window next to my bed and did a bit of bible reading before heading off to dream land.

did you do anything fun this weekend?

- jess


  1. These are great "life" photos. I also have to take more.

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! We took it slow, because my fiancé was sick:-(

  3. I looked up that glamglow - oi! My wallet is hurting already!


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