nail polish review: opi infatuation

i have a slight nail polish addiction.  as in i have well over 300 bottles!..eek!!!  so the other day i was looking over my collection and realizing that there very well could be some colors that i have never worn since a lot of times i buy multiple bottles at a time.

sooo.  i thought it would be kind of fun to try to work my way through my collection and blog about them.  fun, no?!?

today i'm going to show you opi infatuation.  i believe it's from the sheer romance collection from 2004.  it's a color that has been in my collection from the early days when i first started collecting and in fact the color had slightly separated.  of course nothing that a good shake to the bottle couldn't fix.

when i first applied the color i wasn't too sure about it.  first of all it was a bit sheer.  even after 3 coats i could see through the tips.  also, i'm usually not a fan of nude polishes...or lipsticks for that matter.  but turns out this is a really lovely peachy nude.  the color grew on me each day and i ended up keeping it on my nails for 5 days with only minimal tip wear.

i'm glad i decided to start this project as i've been reaching for colors i normally wouldn't and found some great shades like this one!

- jess


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