tjmaxx for the win

if you know me at all, then you know that i LOVE tjmaxx.  you can find me shopping at my local store at least once a week.  and if i'm going out of town, even on vacation, you better believe i've already looked to see if they have a store i can stop at too!  why do i love them so!?!  affordable styles in home and fashion that you'd find at your local department store for WAY cheaper.

i will admit that i wasn't always a lover of tjmaxx.  years and years and years ago, when i was in my early teens, the only tjmaxx that i had ever been too was rather junkie and left a bad impression with me.  then, when i was around 14 or 15 tjmaxx came and put a store in my local town...and it was nice!  never junkie or run down and always fresh with new merchandise.

so when i started looking for a job at 16 i headed on over there and put in my application...and i was hired!  now working there for me wasn't all glitter and rainbows.  working in retail can be rough and i was trying to finish high school and then go to college.  but that job was really perfect for me.  good hours and it definitely helped me overcome my fear of speaking to strangers...i was terribly shy when i started working there.  plus i was able to shop EVERY time i went to work...score!  i'm pretty sure that at least 1/2 of those paychecks went right back to them...ha! fast forward 5 years later and upon completion of my college degree i was offered a job working in my degree field.  even though i stopped working there after college, i'm still walking through their doors nearly as often as when i worked there ;-)

as a follower of tjmaxx on both instagram and facebook i became aware that you could share pics of your purchases and tag them #maxxstyle. so i tagged a couple photos and then forgot about it, knowing i'd always have more to tag.  well, unknown to me one of my pics was chosen and was up last week for votes...and i WON!!!  i've been completely over the moon about it since finding out.  i'm so thankful to every one who voted for me!

here's a screenshot from facebook

this post is NOT sponsored by tjmaxx... but as i'd tell any of my girlfriends, go check out your local tjmaxx and see if you can score some awesome deals!... of course then go share them on instagram or facebook so you too can have a chance to win a gift card :-)

- jess


  1. Hi awsome blog! I love Tjmaxx too! You always find the greatest stuff their!


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