currents - march 4, 2014

i haven't done one of these in a while so thought it would be nice for today...

• listening--> mainly to podcasts including old time radio shows...oh and treasure island audiobook. trying to get in a few classic books this year so i thought i'd try listening to it, but i have a really, really hard time focusing on audiobooks and this one isn't going too great so far :-(

• reading--> the massive stack of magazines on my nightstand

• eating--> favorite dinner lately is spaghetti squash with a sauce made from coconut milk and meyer lemons topped with parmesan cheese and a piece of salmon that's been cooked with meyer lemons...kind of obsessed actually

• drinking--> lots and lots of water and coffee

• wearing--> my running shoes since i'm training for a 5k in august

• feeling--> tired, i think it's the weather

• weather--> crazy! 70s one week, then sleet and snow and supposed to climb back into the 60s this week

• watching--> very little tv and already missing downton abbey

• waiting--> for spring and warm weather

• wanting--> to switch out my closet and brighten it back up with pastels and neons

• needing--> to scale back on my sugar intake

• enjoying--> catching up on project life

• wondering--> if i can ever catch up on everything

• working--> on using what i have and shopping way less often

what about you...what are some of your currents???

- jess


  1. Which old time shows are you listening to? That sounds fun. I enjoy Lum and Abner, but do not listen as often as I did growing up. I am missing Downton Abbey too. It was getting really good at the end.


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