currents - june 17, 2014

goodmorning!  ah, i feel so much better now that i've got the cobwebs dusted off my blog!  i kept putting off doing a design change as i thought it would be complicated and time consuming.  turns out it was easy peasy and done in a few minutes.  i used this template that i purchased on etsy.  if you are reading this in your inbox or on a blog reader i'd love for you to pop on over and let me know your thoughts on the update.

on to my currents...

listening // still to podcasts every day at work.  it's a mix of scrapbooking, marketing, religious and old time horror and mystery shows

reading // here's my goodreads list (hope you can see it...if not scroll to the bottom of my blog)

eating // it goes back and forth between junk food, salads and smoothies

drinking // lots of water and iced tea

wearing // sandals

feeling // amazing... i was sick last week and slept so much last friday that i'm feeling renewed

weather // starting to warm up w/ temps in the 90s this week...which i think is lovely

watching // a bit of youtube and season one of father dowling mysteries... don't judge, lol

waiting // for vacation...don't even have one planned yet!

wanting // to bottle up this energy i currently have

needing // to clean my crafting space

enjoying // marking projects off my to-do list

wondering // if i still have a chance of getting in shape enough to run...okay, jog... a 5k in august

working // on listening for the voice of God

what about you...what are some of your currents???

- jess


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