july 2014 project life v.1

time for a project life update. i think last time i talked to you guys about project life i mentioned i was just going to go forward from the present and not worry about catching up on the past year's album. i mean honestly, of course i'd like to finish the other album but sometimes you just have to move on...for now.

with this new album i wanted to try a cleaner layout style. i figured i'd try it at least for a couple spreads or even all of july 2014 and see. if i wasn't happy with it i'd try something new. that's the thing with project life was that i hadn't found a style that was totally working for me.

but i've come to realize that i like a clean style for project life and then go with an artsy style for traditional full page layouts. so, that's what i've done and i have to say i'm really loving it so far. at least for right now this is very much speaking to me and i feel reflecting myself as well.

so that clean style for me means few embellishments, although i do love a pocket filled with confetti and sequins! i'm also loving minimal journaling that i add on the computer to the photos. this is also adding in some extra white space, which to me feels like a breathe of fresh air for project life. i love that once i've printed the pics, stamped them with a date and grabbed some cards i can quickly insert them into the page protectors and be done.

ha...funny and true story is i just realized i have duplicate journaling on two pics!!! oh well.

- jess


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