i love a good candle

one of the things on my autumn bucket list was to burn some autumn scented candles. if you haven't seen my list, here's the link.

i have to admit that i've been a bit of a bath and body works candle fanatic. although this year i'm not letting myself buy any new ones until i've worked my way through my stash.

i love the glow of candle light. the warm radiance it gives to a room. most of the time i have candles lit in the day and usually when they are lit in the evening i still have on a light. but i'm thinking i might just turn off my lights, except for maybe a small lamp and curl up with a book.

so i found this one to burn and i love how it fills my space with that sweet and pumpkin scent. this is the pumpkin cupcake candle. i will say though it's not my favorite scent they offer and i'm not sure i'd buy this particular one again.

ps...the candle sleeve is also from bath & body works, though either from last year or the year before.

- jess


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