hexagonal love

have you ever had a creative idea in your mind that just won't leave you alone until you've created it? a lot of times when i sit down to scrapbook or create cards i might have a general idea or technique in mind, but this layout was different. it kept coming to mind day after day for a couple of weeks. i first was inspired by a piece of graphic design i'd seen with hexagons and stripes. when i started this layout it just fell into place so fast and i never once struggled with it. i wish more of my creative endeavors could be this way...

- jess


  1. What a beautiful scrapbook page! I love the hexagons and what you have done with them here! So many beautiful details!

  2. Great design, I'm loving how you used those hexagons!

  3. Wow. Your Layout is just fabulous. Love how you used the hexagons!


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