self worth

good morning! 2015 has ushered in and i'm excited to see what God has in store for this year. these first few days have been busy for me but also so wonderful as i've been surrounded by friends and loved ones. it's been a reminder of how blessed i am!

for january i'm going to be following a blogging schedule of monday, wednesday and friday. i'm feeling pretty confident that i can follow through on this. so far i have over half of the blog posts planned out. i will see how this schedule works out for me to see if i want to continue it for the rest of the year.

so this morning i'd like to share this scrapbook layout with you. many times i choose a photo then hop over to this pinterest board of mine and see what phrases are really speaking to my heart. this particular day i saw this pin and i knew it is what i wanted to document and remind myself. you see scrapbooking to me is part art and part therapy. when i scrapbook these kinds of meaningful quotes it helps me lock it into my brain and my heart. this world is filled with so much competition to be better than those around you otherwise they will say you are not good enough...and that is simply a lie. my worth is not found in earthly possessions or in fleshly beauty. my worth is found in the Lord. and sometimes, honestly, i forget that...and i long to just be accepted in this world of fleshly beauty. but thankfully God speaks to my heart and gently reminds me that i just need to focus on doing His will and pleasing Him.

- jess


  1. This is such a lovely layout! I am excited for your blog posts and hope that you will add in some YouTube videos too. Happy New Year! Hugs, Shelly

    1. thanks! oh youtube. i love that place but it's just not fitting into my schedule right now. maybe a bit later into the year :-)

  2. Beautiful. I need to do more introspective layouts like this. Truly lovely and inspiring. Michelle t


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