Last Tuesday night I was awakened out of a deep sleep about 1am. The wind chimes on my back porch were going crazy. I knew that storms were expected around that time. So I got up to look outside and to check the tv to see what the news was reporting. Right after I got up I could hear it...that dreaded sound of a train coming toward my home. I live in my grandparent's old home, which is a mobile home. But there was no time to leave to drive 3 miles to my parents house. So instead I headed into my closet and started praying. I prayed harder as I heard the wind pick up the items off my back porch and throw them against my house. I prayed on while I heard the wind howl across my roof. I prayed on when my home shook. And I know that my God heard my prayers. It sounded so bad I thought I'd walk out of my closet and find part of my home gone or at least part of the roof. Thankfully I had very minimal damage: partially torn off roof on back porch, twisted off satellite dish, a piece of a tree torn away and a few smaller things. Yesterday the National Weather Service confirmed that there was a tornado in my small town. They rated it an EF:1 which when you look that up says it can overturn mobile homes. I'm not lucky...I'm blessed.

- Jessica


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