What Mistake?

Are you ever in the middle of creating something and end up making a mistake on part of it? This happens to me a lot. Usually I trash it and start over. But today's card shows how I was able to recover from that mistake and still use it.

I used some of the Nuvo Glimmer Paste with a stencil on a piece of cardstock. I'm not sure how it happened but once I pulled up the cardstock I realized a bunch of the glimmer paste had smeared. Of course my first thought was to scraped off the extra and throw away the cardstock and start over. But then I took another look and thought I would just see if I could work with it.

Turns out I had just the perfect flower and leave stamp and die set that would be a great focal point but still  mostly cover my mistake. Day made!

Purple isn't a color I use much but love how this card ended up turning out. It was a birthday card for a friend who's favorite color is of course purple.

- Jessica


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