...{...my little pieces of heaven...}...

Just like to share the things that have brightened up my day!...as I often tell my friends..."it's like a little piece of Heaven!"...


• drinking a warm cup of celestial seasonings lemon zinger herbal tea - two tea bags per cup w/ a spoon of lemon (soothes my sore throat...ugh winter)

• a day full of shopping w/ my mom

• discovering that in 2011 we will have a ross store w/in about an hour's drive - which i also believe it will be the first one in our razorback state - i love this store almost as much as my beloved tjmaxx...but not quite as much

• getting some cute goodies at belk today - this store continues to surprise me w/ some really cute clothes every so often...oh and the fact that i saved $180...which, yes, is more than i spent...

• browsing zappos and discovering that they not only have wide-calf boots, but just as importantly - they have free shipping both ways...i feel lots of shoe shopping coming on...

• getting home from a day full of shopping to discover my joann's package that i ordered on black friday has arrived today...lots and lots and lots of goodies...will share pics of this great haul soon...

• cute cynthia rowley gray cashmere beret i found at tjmaxx today...it jingles!

...hmmm...no, my life does not revolve around shopping...but it's my favorite hobby!


  1. Teehee, Love your little piece of heaven :)

  2. I've never been to a Ross store and wish I could. I'll have to look and see if there are any in my neck of the woods. I'm definitely checking out Zappos!
    Hope you are feeling better soon and can't wait to see your haul from JoAnn's.:-)

  3. you will soon LOVE ross as well...we have ross, tj maxx and marshall's here...shopping heaven


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