...{...I Was Broken...}...

So, have you noticed I've been gone for a little bit now...well for over a month now!  I've missed you...the whole 3 or 4 of you who read my blog, lol.  Seriously though, I have a good reason.

Back in October I started having this pain on the side of my right hand. It started in my pinkie and radiated down to my wrist. It was especially sore if I hit my pinkie or did a lot of work with my hand. Did I mention I'm right handed? So obviously I'm using my hand all the time. It seemed a bit silly to go to the doctor for such a small thing as the pinkie, so I just put up with the pain.

Finally at the beginning of Feb. I call the doctor's office and made an appointment.  Went in and he looked it over and diagnosed it as tendonitis, but said just for kicks he'd send me for an x-ray.  Well I had to go to another location for the x-ray and within an hour they called back and asked what orthopedic surgeon I wanted to see and that the bone was fractured and had a bone cyst.  FUN <-- dripping in sarcasm.  It was about a week between the x-rays and appointment w/ the surgeon and in the mean time they told me to just wrap my fingers (pinkie and ring) together.  And I assumed that the surgeon would say the same.  Wrong!  The surgeon came into the room and says I have to get a cast!  WHAT!...Are you kidding me!

So long story short - I got the cast.  Wore it for a month.  Went back and had another x-ray and it was healed!  I do have to go back this summer for a follow-up for another x-ray as the bone is still very weak and could easily fracture again.

I know there are way worse things that could happen.  But it was just so irritating having the cast on.  It seemed like everything I tried to do became a complicated task.  I am sooooo thankful it is off again and I can get back to my creative hobbies that I have OH SO MISSED!

So just wanted to let you guys know I'm back...and share a few pics of the past 4 weeks!

Right after leaving the surgeon's office and having cast put on.

Sitting in the surgeon's office and soooo excited that they had taken the cast off!

PS. I've got a few crafty things I made before the cast was put on that I'll be posting soon.


  1. Welcome back! Sorry you were having a hard time...I bet that was a long month! Looking forward to seeing your pre-cast creations.

  2. I could see that being a hinder....but you didn't need surgery, thats a good thing :)


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