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Wanted to have a little fun with the manicure this week.  After having the cast on for a month and totally giving up on keeping polish on, I'm enjoying being able to have it on again.  I was inspired by this post over at A Beautiful Mess.

OPI - Strawberry Margarita • Essie - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco

I ran into Ulta yesterday to look for the perfect blue-green and lovely peach. Usually I am an OPI girl, but they just didn't have the perfect shade. So I picked up the two colors in Essie. Now, I've heard mixed reviews about their polish and this was the first time I've every used it. So far I like OPI better. The Essie seems a lot thicker, streaked a bit and looks a bit flatter. But the true test is which wears the best. Typically I have chips the next day.

So, what is your favorite nail polish brand? And do you have a favorite shade to welcome in Spring?


  1. ooooh! I love those colors! I rock similar colors in the spring/summer too. I'm goo goo ga ga over bright pink though!


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