2012 - a fresh start

oh my goodness.  i'm a bit embarrassed at my absence.  you see, i was getting a bit obsessed with facebook/youtube/blogging for a bit and i decided to stop my youtube channel.  i was just going to focus more on my blog.  but then, when i stopped youtube, i found that i just didn't have the desire to really blog anymore either.  i was putting so much pressure on myself to get everything just right that i'd lost the joy of blogging.  so in the end, i just dropped it all.

and you know what, it was kind of what i needed for the time.  i've been busy at work and then i came down with a cold and i was stressing my body so much that i couldn't get rid of that sickness.  after having the cold for a month i finally went to the dr and after shots and meds i'm finally over it, thank goodness.

so here it is, a new year - 2012!  it's hard to believe how quickly time flies.  but with the fresh start of the year, i feel like it's time to give my blog a new start.  i have a lot of ideas for the new year of things to blog about.  one thing is i'm taking two classes this year that will prompt some blog posts i'm sure... studio calico's photo a day and ali edwards' one little word.  i'm pretty excited about both of these classes.  and the word that i've chosen for ali edwards' class i'm hoping will push me to see some goals through this year.

so if you have been following my blog for a while now or are just stumbling across it, i hope you keep coming back to share this experience we call life in 2012!

~ jess


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