01.01.2012 photo

i love to read.  i'm not sure when this love began, but it was definitely somewhere in early childhood.  that wonderful feeling of seeing the words pop of the pages of the book and turn into these magical stories.  for me, i'd probably rather read a book than watch a movie any day.  part of the reason is that when you read a book, even if the author gives you lots of details, you, as the reader, are able to take those and visually create your own interpretation.  with a movie, it's all done for you and there is no creativity you can add to it.

so my first photo of the new year is of me with my nose in a book right before bed. it's the time when i really have no excuses not to read.  the only downside is if it's a really good book i might not get as much sleep as i need because i can not seem to put the book down.  but i'm glad i'm back to my guilty pleasure.

in 2011 i didn't finish a single new book.  i think i must of started half a dozen.  looking at my bookcase i have over 30 books of fiction that i've yet to read and probably a dozen devotionals.  so one of my goals for this year is to work my way through these books and discover lots of new adventures!

~ jess


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