busy first week of january

Good morning!  How is your week going along so far?  Hard to believe we are at the half-way point.  Because I was off work on Monday, yesterday and today I woke up confused as to the day.  Looking forward to the weekend.  I have a crafting project I'm wanting to work on that involves spray paint.  It was too windy to work on it last weekend.

Anywho...just wanted to give you a heads up that I might not have any more posts on the blog this week.  A bit busy with work.  Not sure if I've shared this before, but I'm an Art Director for a furniture company.  This week we are having some catalogs printed and I have to be at the printer to approve the color as it's printed.  So lots and lots of trips to the printer, which means not so much time for crafty projects or blog updating this week.  I'll try to get some more posts up, but just wanted to let you know why I might be mia...

~ jess


  1. I hear ya. I am soooo having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.


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